Oyster Mats: 

Kate Brown, Restoration Project Coordinator (e-mail or 321-254-9453 x 377)

Oyster Gardening: 

Sammy Anderson, Habitat Restoration Program Manager (e-mail or 321-254-9453 x 284)

Karina Briceno, Restoration Project Coordinator (e-mail or 321-254-9453 x 441)

Faith Higgins, Restoration Outreach Coordinator (e-mail or 321-254-9453) x 431)

Jake Zehnder, Restoration Project Coordinator (e-mail or 321-254-9453 x 464)

Katey Leban, Lagoon Restoration Specialist (e-mail or 321-254-9453 x 376)


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Our oyster restoration projects are funded entirely through grant and donation dollars, so any contribution would be greatly appreciated. To donate, please write a check with Oyster Restoration in the memo line and mail to:

Brevard Zoo
8225 N. Wickham Rd.
Melbourne, FL 32940



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